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[PROOF] Byakusharingan in Shinobi Life 2

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[PROOF] Byakusharingan in Shinobi Life 2

Post by Myopathy on 1/5/2018, 11:59 pm

Video here.

Making this for the community.
So I found a way to make a byakusharingan kekkei mora in SHINBOI LIFE.


The reason I say Kekkei Mora is because it's quite overpowered.
Can consist of any sharingan including ; rinnegan possessors, sharingan possessors, susanoo possessors, byakuganv1 and v2 possessors and even people that use the tenseigan mode.

This also works with modes meaning you can have Slug Sage , Byakugan and Sharingan on at the same time.

My SL account uses Itachi Sharingan V2 x Byakugan V1 so he can use Tsukuyomi x Trigrams Combo
It works quite well.

Proof above.
Go to this V3RM thread as well if you want.

myo#6121 is my discord btw if u need something.

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